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Sunday, 31 August 2014

A word of encouragement from a mere writer

there's nothing wrong to be different but you must have the courages to face the consequences. High Curiosity is okay but remember the limitation to it so you don't fall to the wrong path. Loving someone is not wrong but remember to tell yourselves that keeping it alone will only hurt yourselves. Don't open to other man because it's to early to let your heart broken.

Smile to people all the time because one smile can make a thousand people happy. One smile carries 1000 meaning. Let they see your happiness not your sadness. don't let them see your weakness, show them your strength. believe in yourselves and smile, shut everything down and live your life, forgot all the worries, forgot others opinion, forgot everything that makes you sad. look up girl!! there're a thousand stars watching over you! each and every one of them support you. You'll never be alone. there're always be someone there to lend a hand and pull you up from the darkness.

Maybe now you feel alone, maybe now you feel like giving up, maybe now you feel want to go back to the past. But try to think for a moment, think for a brief second. are you happy with living in the past? what's good if you give up? Alone? no, you just afraid to open the curtain of tomorrow, to let the rays of sunlight brighten your world. Come girl, show the world that you can stand with your own feet and brace a thousand obstacles.

You are special and one of the kind. there's no other person as special and as unique as you.. you are the painting that has your own colour ^_^ live with it and enjoy it

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